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Commercial Equipment Leasing

Commercial Equipment Leasing with Advantage Leasing Motors, machinery and furnaces – the commercial equipment that keeps your business running, literally. But since commercial equipment purchases can be a large portion of your budget, especially if you are a business start […]

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Asphalt Equipment Leasing Can Save You Money

Whether you already have an existing asphalt sealcoating business or are looking to get started for the first time, you’ll need equipment. Regardless of whether you’re a small business with frequent use of your asphalt equipment or perhaps a property […]

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Vendor Leasing Program | Vendor Financing Program

Can a vendor leasing program help you close more sales? If you’re in the business of selling large pieces of equipment or technology to businesses, you know that closing a sale with cash is often a tough sell. Often, customers […]

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Funding for Small Businesses: Where Does Equipment Leasing Fit In?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 20,000,000 firms have less than 500 employees. Meaning small business is big business. So how do you get your business up and running? The U.S. Small Business Administration has a 10 Step Plan […]

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Leasing a Surveillance System for your Business

Why are so many businesses installing surveillance systems in their offices? The main reason is TO SAVE MONEY. Companies that invest in leasing a surveillance system are likely to save money in a number of ways: Insurance (workers comp) – […]

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Loan or Lease? Financing Your Small Business

Small businesses have been experiencing a boom in small business loans over the last year, despite echoes of economic concerns. Starting or expanding a small business is challenging and one of your most important decisions is whether to lease or […]

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Choosing a Finance Company

Investigating the types of finance companies and types of leases Whether you are starting a business or have an established one, you will at one time or another work with a finance company. Finance companies are labeled by the way […]

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Financing Business Equipment: Leasing vs. Business Loans and Cash

There are three main options when financing business equipment: paying cash, bank business loans and equipment leasing. To better explain the different options of financing a business, we’ll use a real world example. Real World Business Equipment Financing Example: ABC Foundry ABC […]

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Bottom Line Benefits of Equipment Leasing

With today’s economy, equipment manufacturers and dealers have new struggles. Budgets are tighter, customers are spending less, and banks have less money to borrow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your sales. In fact, there’s a way to close […]

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Advantage of Operating Lease

Advantage of an Operating Lease An operating lease is a financing agreement where the term of the lease is shorter than the actual useful life of the equipment. For example, an airplane with an economic life of 25 years may […]

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