Choosing a Business Lender

Advantage+ is a nationwide business equipment lender based in Brookfield, Wisconsin. We started in 1992 as Advantage Leasing Corporation, but in 2014 we adapted the trade name, Advantage+, to reflect that we do more equipment lending than equipment leasing. Our specialty is equipment financing and equipment leasing in amounts of $2,000 to $200,000.

Our capital base allows us to retain equipment leases in-house. This helps us offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and hands-on service.

Our mission is building long-term relationship with borrowers and vendors. Our customers are mostly small and midsize privately-owned business. This business sector is key in making the economy go, so we’re pleased to help it grow with our equipment loans and working capital loans.


Advantage is different:

We Are The Funding Source

While most non-bank business lenders are brokers, we are a direct lender. Our customers and vendors deal with our decision makers, rather than middlemen. This means no broker fees and more flexibility (such as prepayment without penalty and restructure options as conditions change).

We Understand Business

Our customers work with caring professionals. We understand business and know how to help business owners. Our managers are shareholders with passion to be the best at what we do.

Personal Approach

We make commonsense credit decisions. Applications are reviewed subjectively. The result is satisfied customers and more approvals.
So please look to Advantage+ to finance your business equipment and related costs. We think you’ll like the way we do it.

Advantage+ is in Brookfield, Wisconsin. We started in 1992 as Advantage Leasing Corporation. The company is now known by its trade name Advantage+. We specialize in $2,000 to $200,000 equipment loans and equipment leases.

Our strong capital base allows us to retain equipment loans and equipment leases in our own portfolio. This helps us provide hands-on service and flexible terms.

Our goal is to build enjoyable, long-term customer relationships that offer borrowers an ongoing source of financing. We leverage our experience to help customers’ get the equipment they need.

We believe small business is what “makes the economy go.” We take pride in helping business owners succeed with our small business loans.