Equipment Leases: Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of equipment can you finance?

Advantage leases most any  kind of business equipment, including manufacturing machinery, office  equipment, material handling equipment, computers, tractors and  trailers. We do not do equipment leases on cars or light trucks.

What is the maximum and minimum amount that I can lease?

At  Advantage Leasing, we specialize in financing equipment for businesses valued  between $5,000 and $200,000.

How much will my monthly payment be?

At Advantage Leasing,  our equipment leases are always less expensive than normal credit card  lines. Please contact us today to get a  competitive quote.

Why equipment leases vs. using business loans or credit card financing?

Equipment leases offer important advantages,  such as added credit availability, more working capital, improved cash flow and  tax deductions. More>>

Are you brokers?

No.  While most equipment leasing companies are merely brokers, we are a direct  lender for your business loans. Our customers and business partners deal with  the decision makers, not middlemen.  This means no broker fees and more  flexibility (such as early prepayment without penalty and restructure options  as conditions change).  Total flexibility continues throughout the term of  the lease.

We sell business equipment. Can you offer financing for our customers?

Yes.  If your company sells new or used business equipment valued between $5,000 and  $200,000, let Advantage Leasing personalize an equipment  financing vendor program for you.

Is there a pre-payment penalty?

No.  Since we lend directly to you, we offer more flexibility on payments, such as  no penalties for prepayment, and a personal approach that you don’t receive  with computer generated companies.

Are equipment leases tax deductible?

Yes. In many cases, equipment  lease payments can be treated as a fully tax deductible expense.

If you have a  question that you would like answered regarding your business equipment leasing needs, contact us at Advantage Leasing.