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Blog: Advantageous Insights

The blog, Advantageous Insights, is our effort to give business owners ideas to help manage their business and enjoy their lives.

Advantage+ Promotes Kristin Oberholtzer to Executive Vice President

Kristin Oberholtzer has been promoted to executive vice president from vice president of operations at Advantage+, a 24-year-old, nationwide direct lender based in suburban Milwaukee, company officials confirmed. “Kristin has been part of our team for over 20 years,” President […]

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Self-Check: Maintaining a Healthy Credit Score

By Mike Elton, Advantage+ President   This is part of a series of blogs created by Advantage+ to help small-business owners manage their companies – and have fun doing it.   I’m sure you’ve heard advertisements for services that monitor […]

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How Your Lending Institution Determines Creditworthiness

If you’re thinking of applying for a business loan, you might be wondering how a lender makes the decision to approve or decline your loan application. And if you are approved for a loan, how is the amount or term […]

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Advantage+ Committed To Seeing Small Businesses Thrive In New Partnership With

For Michael Adam, it’s fitting that he lends to small businesses—he’s a small business himself. Adam is getting back to his roots. He had spent ten years as a commercial lender. Now, as CEO of the Milwaukee-based, he’s partnering […]

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It’s Personal

This is part of a series of blogs created by Advantage+ to help small business owners manage their companies and have fun doing it. It’s Personal You’re running a business. So why should you give a rip about your personal […]

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Making a Statement

This is part of a series of ongoing blogs created by Advantage+ to help business owners like you better manage their companies – and get more out of life. Making a Statement Want to impress a business lender? Providing a […]

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3 Things I Wish I Knew When Starting a Small Business

Jim Oberholtzer – Bio Prior to joining the Advantage+ team, Jim and his family opened a small restaurant in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  After four years as an owner/operator, Jim decided to pursue his MBA at Marquette University and soon after started […]

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Advantageous Insights Basic Principles

Advantage+, a twenty-three year-old nationwide lender, lends $2,000 to $200,000 to help businesses finance equipment and related costs. We’re a direct lender, so loans stay in-house from beginning to end. Advantage+ financing helps equipment buyers (borrowers) buy, and equipment sellers […]

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