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Advantage+ is a direct lender that lends small and midsize businesses $3,000 to $200,000 for equipment and related costs. We’ve been helping vendors sell equipment and borrowers buy equipment since 1992.

Find out why Advantage+ is different!

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Why become a vendor partner

2-oneVendor financing is an equipment financing option that equipment and software sellers can offer customers. With the vendor partner program, Advantage finances the buyer’s purchase. This makes it easier for the seller to sell and easier for the buyer to buy!

Complete the Vendor Application

2-twoVendor equipment leasing helps vendors sell more and get paid faster. And buyers appreciate having another “how to pay” option. Offering customer financing is an opportunity for seller to increase sales and get paid faster.

Help us get to know your Business

2-threeWhen we get your Vendor application, we’ll call you to get acquainted and discuss options. Our accreditation committee will then review the information to make sure we are a perfect match.

Get “On-Board” & Start Selling More

2-fourAn Advantage+ representative will call you within twenty-four hours to answer questions and discuss details. In the process we’ll set up an equipment financing program that works for you. And you’ll be on your way to selling more stuff!

Calculate Your Payments

Advantage+ financing gives you pre-determined affordable payments.

First-Time Customers?

The process is simple: Find the equipment you want and negotiate price, warranty, and other specifics with the seller. Then complete our equipment leasing application. We will call you to get acquainted and discuss options. We’ll then quickly (usually within twenty-four hours) complete our approval process and email a commitment. When you confirm that you like the terms, we’ll email the documents for your signatures. When we get them back we’ll pay your vendor upon your instructions.

Repeat Customers?

Thank you for using Advantage+ in the past—We’d like you to do it again! We’ll finance new or used equipment, related expenses and even working capital. Please call us, or complete the repeat customer application and we’ll call you. We’ll try our best to quickly get you what you’d like.

Customer Comments

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What our customers say:

Thanks for the awesome service.

Elvia Lamont, Ascension In Home Medical Care NP’s Group, Inc. Tucson, AZ

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